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Sparkling Water


Are you looking for a truly healthy and satisfyingly refreshing alternative to soda or so-called “zero calorie” seltzer drinks that come secretly loaded with artificial sweeteners, corn syrup and dyes?   Soon, it will be time for you to “Drink a Slice” and try the revolutionary new drink that’s already turning heads and will soon be satisfying taste buds across the globe!

Only Certified Organic Fruit Juice


Slice is also gluten free, and all of the natural fruit juice we use in each and every one of our drinks only comes from USDA certified organic farms.  This way you get only the best that Mother Nature has to offer in every sip, minus all the chemicals, sugars, and additives usually found in other popular drinks.  We got the juice!

Only 25 Calories


Slice is a revolutionary new drink that’s only made with organic fruit juice, refreshing sparkling water, and has only 25 calories.  Since Slice is super low in calories, yet huge on taste and total refreshment, you can sip on it all day long without any guilt, and without packing on the unwanted fat. You also won’t experience the typical “sugar rush” associated with sugary sodas or fruit juices either.

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